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Ugandan politician Bobi Wine to airlift mistreated Africans out of China

Uganda politician, musician, and philanthropist, Bobi Wine, has partnered with Neil Nelson, co-founder of Atlanta Black Star, to fly mistreated Africans and Black Americans out of China. In China, Africans and African Americans have reportedly been subjected to inhumane treatment.
In a joint statement announced Monday, Wine and Nelson said they are joining forces in a «humanitarian mission» to rescue people of color who are being attacked, according to OkayAfrica.

«The two leaders are currently working together to facilitate a humanitarian mission to airlift those Africans and African Americans who are affected by these attacks to a country in Africa that is willing to receive them,» the men wrote in the press release. Wine and Nelson are also calling on the Chinese government and African leaders to take immediate action to help those most in need. «We call upon leaders from across the global African community including political leaders, social activists, artists, and other leaders to join in this effort».
African foreign nationals in Guangzhou have reportedly been evicted from their homes and denied services, in an attempt by Chinese officials to blame them for a second wave of coronavirus cases. The U.S. consulate is urging its citizens of African descent to stay clear of Guangzhou.
It is unknown how many Africans and African Americans are being impacted by these measures in China.
Wine, most recently, made news for a song he put out with Nubian Li to draw attention to the devastation caused by COVID-19.

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