The “Door of no return” for Black slaves, Elmina Castle

The European came as traders and offered juicy gifts to the natives, later unleashed the most inhuman atrocities on earth through the enslavement of Black people, the Elmina castle became the ” door of no return”According to history, the first Europeans to land on the shores of the then Gold Coast, now Ghana were the Portuguese. In 1482,the Elmina castle was constructed to serve as the trade post for the large army of Portugal’s traders coming to the shore of the Gold Coast to trade in gold and later slaves for the emerging plantations business in the Americas and Europe.In the Elmina Castle, many horrible and dehumanizing treatments were meted out to African slaves who were captured to be sold to the white men.
Indeed, many tourists visiting the Castle have been dumbfounded and shocked by the kind of dehumanizing scenes in the former slave dungeon in Elmina.
The Elmina castle as it stands now is the oldest edifice of European sailors in sub Saharan Africa, and is recognized by UNESCO as world heritage site.

In 1637,the Dutch seized the Elmina Castle from the Portuguese to assume control of the trade in gold and slave in the Trans Atlantic slave trade. The Dutch maintained a considerable amount control of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trading until in 1842.
The British in pursuing their ambition to enlarge the British empire consolidated its territories by annexing the Gold Coast with the capture of the Elmina castle in 1872.The English dominated the trade activities and took steps to make the Gold coast its colonial territory until 1957,when the Gold Coast was declared a free country and independent.
The Ghanaian government from the Time of independence had control and maintained the many forts and castles including Elmina built by Europeans as tourist sites for visitors from all over the world.
Today, Elmina castle is not just a historical tourist destination for tourists, it is also a film production location, in 1987,Werner Herzog produced “Cobra Verde”. The Castle has over the years attracted visitors and tourists from all parts of the world to witness the place where thousands of slaves were held before they were transferred to Europe and Americas to work as labourers to the white slave masters.

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