New York Mayor Eric Adams Meets With Drill Rap Artists After Accusing Genre Of Violence

Mayor Eric Adams met with drill rap artists Tuesday night after criticizing the music genre for contributing to the rising violence in the city. But as CBS2’s Aundrea Cline-Thomas explains, the rappers and the mayor were able to come to an agreement.

Adams met with the likes of Fivio Foreign, Maino, B-Lovee, Slow Bucks, and Bleezy to discuss public safety in the city and the gun violence that is impacting the hip-hop community (via ABC News).

Speaking to reporters yesterday (February 16), Adams said that the group came to the meeting “with a lot of energy” and were concerned that the mayor intended to “ban” drill music.

Adding that he had “a great conversation” with the group, Adams said that he was primarily concerned by drill rappers who make violent threats to their rivals in their music.

“Violent people who are using drill rapping to post who they killed, and then antagonize the people who they are going to kill, is what the problem is.”

In a video from the meeting that was shared on Instagram, the rapper Maino says: “There’s been a lot of talk about drill rap, drill music in New York City, connecting violence with the culture, and I just wanted to create a conversation with the mayor.”

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