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JOHANNESBURG City: One of South Africa’s MOST BEAUTIFUL Cities | 10 Interesting Facts about It

Johannesburg, Egoli, the City of Gold is a hustling and bustling city, almost bursting at its seams. This dynamic city is one of the more contemporary cities in South Africa. It is the world’s largest city that is not situated on a coast, lakeshore or river. Its population is made up of different cultures, races, beliefs, and backgrounds and speaks a variety of languages. With an estimated of 4 million inhabitants, Johannesburg is responsible for 16 per cent of South Africa’s GDP. Johannesburg is not just a city for businessmen and corporate, but it is also a city for high education. The University of Witwatersrand is the third oldest university in South Africa and was founded in 1896, initially known as the South African School of Mines.

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