Couple Are Stuck At Lake Bosomtwe In Ashanti Region, MUST WATCH WHY?

Two couples who couldn’t control their sexual feelings while swimming in the lake Bosomtwe in the Ashante region of Ghana landed in big trouble. According to sources, these couples went on an excursion with their friends. As they were swimming and exploring the beautiful nature of the lake, these 2 couples decided to have sex while swimming. After satisfying their sexual desire the male couldn’t pull out of his woman and started feeling some pains. After they could no longer bear the pains, they then call their friends to their aid. Their friends rushed to their aid, help to move them out of the lake while the man especially was screaming loud in pain. The elders of the town came to their rescue by pouring libation and performed some rituals before the two lovers were separated. Lake Bosomtwe is the only natural lake in Ghana and the biggest natural lake in Africa.

We must give respect to the gods of the land.

Written By: Gabriel Tieku

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