Are you ready to consider African/Black Americans to run for President of your country? (POLL)

Do you think it’s time to consider the question written on the image featured above? Do you think opening those doors are worth it? or Do you think it’s not necessary? Do you think it would ruin Africa? Well here’s my thoughts on this featured question and maybe it will give you an insight of why I propose this question on Afrivue.Com.

As a reader, and an individual that love history, knowledge and most of all my people, ancestors and culture. I always thought to myself “What would Africa be like if they allowed Blacks from America run for President in each country?” or expressed to my friends, “Mannnnnnnn, imagine if they allowed this around the time of Kwame Nkrumah”. Yes, just imagine how far Africa could be today in the midst of this lock down due to Coronavirus. What position do you think we would play in the world?

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