Africa commits to cut 32% of emissions by 2030

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday confirmed his nation’s commitments to the Paris Agreement at the U.S.-led climate summit.
Speaking virtually to the White House from Abuja, Buhari said since 2016, Nigeria had undertaken “major environmentally sound and climate friendly programs.
He said institutional frameworks have been made to cut emissions by 2030.
Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta laid out the African nation’s targets for clean energy and reducing carbon emissions at the U.S.-led climate summit.
“In our journey to the 2050 target, Kenya intends to complete its transition to renewable energy. And clean energy already accounts for about 90% of total electricity supply in Kenya, and we intend to increase this to 100% by the year 2030″, he said.
He said poorer countries who typically contribute less global emissions, they «often suffer the most from the devastating effects of climate change”.
”We call on developed economies which historically bear the greatest responsibility for emission to meet their responsibilities to developing economies. This will be vital to restoring the bonds of trust between developed and developing economies”, said Ramaphosa.

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