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A diamond in the rough: Angola’s vast and growing potential as a fruit exporter

The two main agricultural exporters in Angola, Aderito Costa and Yudo Borges, have both set themselves apart from the competition by embracing a shared set of values through their passion for excellence, innovation, agricultural know-how, and community development. Yudo Borges is known as “The Strawberry King” due to his 60-year-old farm in southwest Huila Province, where he has the best conditions to produce strawberries in the world. Aderito Costa is the Pitaya King, who discovered the fruit in Brazil and brought it home 12 years ago.

In terms of quality and taste, Angola is well positioned to compete with other pitaya markets. Wanderley Ribeiro, President of the Angolan Agricultural Association, was impressed by the way they were caring, producing, selling, and especially the benefit of the pitaya for health. Aderito Costa is a fruit producer known as “The Pitaya King” in Angola. His nickname is derived from a woman calling in on a radio show, crediting pitaya for her family’s good health. Costa insists on healthier production and avoiding the use of chemicals. The President of Angola’s Agricultural Association, Wanderley Ribeiro, believes his country has vast potential as a major producer and exporter of pitaya and other crops, but most of all the potential lies in the people themselves. Green entrepreneurs are betting on Angola’s agricultural potential.

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